Orange County Lake Eve Pump Station Rehabilitation

Project Location: Orange County
Project Type: Public Utilities
Client: Orange County Government, FL
Total Contract: $4.9M+

Prime Contractor on a New Raw Sewage Pump Station for Orange County Government, Florida. RTD contract work consists of the following construction: 

  • Demolition of existing valves, piping, 78 HP submersible pumps including guide rails, cables and associated appurtenances.
  • Demolition of existing wet well, generator, below ground diesel fuel storage tank, fence.
  • 50 x 40 x 30FT deep excavation (2,300CY) with full steel sheeting/bracing and dewatering systems.
  • New cast in place concrete wet well (675CY) with new Agruliner.
  • 5 HP submersible mixers, slide gates, level instruments.
  • Installation of 6 each new 120 HP submersible pumps (6.5MGD per pump = 38,880,000MGD total capacity)
  • Install new valves, piping, manholes, generator, and above ground fuel storage tank.
  • New electrical building and associated equipment, SCADA panel, MCC/VFD, flowmeter, new water main, access gates.
  • New perimeter precast screening wall.
  • New odor control system.
  • Contractor providing bypass pumping for duration of project until new pump station becomes operational. 
  • Install new 30-inch line stop and hot tap at influent main and 36-inch line stop at effluent main.
  • New pond and drainage system.
  • New access road consisting of new 10-inch base and 2” S3 asphalt with associated stabilization.
  • Installed a new 6-inch tapping sleeve and valve and performed tie in connection to existing water main at International Drive and Westwood Drive. Contractor provided MOT plan and action, sheeting and shoring systems, and associated dewatering system to excavate to a depth of 10’-12’. At end of operation RTD performed a full restoration of the area including new concrete sidewalk and new sodding. County provided RW and DOT permits.

RTD self-performs 70% of all the work including all formwork, concrete work, dewatering systems, sheeting and bracing installation, excavation & backfills, site work, yard piping, process equipment installation, pumps installation and all process piping.