Kennedy Space Center Revitalized Water & Wastewater Systems PH 4

Project Location: NASA, JFK Space Center
Project Type: Public Utilities
Client: NASA, JFK Space Center
Total Contract: $22.3M

Prime Contractor to replace and rehabilitate over twenty-five (25) miles of water and wastewater piping, pump stations and appurtenances.  Highlights of Project include:

  • Install/replace 133,000LF of water piping, force main and gravity sewer wastewater piping throughout the entire JFK Space Center Facility. Sizes Range from 4” thru 18” DIP.
  • Replace, refurbish and/or rehabilitate 60 Lift Stations including wet wells, pumps, piping, control panels, electrical services, SCADA, telemetry, bypass pumping, coatings, concrete and site work complete.
  • Install 2,800LF of water main piping using Horizontal Directional Drilling of DIP and HDPE.
  • Install 1,500LF of Jack & Bore casing piping under critical areas including rail crossings and space craft crawler way crossings.
  • Install/replace 17,000LF of wastewater piping using “Pipe Bursting” method.
  • Remove, abate and dispose of 59,000LF of existing 18”/12”/10” asbestos cement water main piping and replace with ductile iron water mains.

RTD is self-performing 70% of all the work including all water and wastewater main replacements/installations, concrete work, excavation & backfills, site work, testing, commissioning and restoration work.