Peace River 1991 Rebuild

Project Location: Peace River, FL
Project Type: Public Utilities
Client: Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority
Total Contract: $10.9M+

Prime Contractor to make modifications and improvements to the Peace River Water Treatment Facility. Highlights of Project include:

  • Demolish one existing ground storage tanks and replace with a new 2 million gallon wire wrapped pre-stressed concrete tank.  
  • Replace filter media in 6 filters along with new surface wash sweeps, influent, effluent and backwash piping systems.
  • Replace 30 radial launders in2 solids contact units
  • Perform concrete restoration and protective coatings in all structures.
  • Install 1 new 200HP vertical diffusion vane pump.
  • Install 2 new 350HP horizontal split case high service pumps.
  • Install new switchgear, transformers and electrical switches.
  • Relocate Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) system, install new transfer pumps and stainless steel piping
  • Relocate the Alum system and install 6 new 8,000 gallon fiberglass chemical storage tanks.
  • Install new caustic and alum feed pump system.

RTD is self-performing 60% of all the work including all water and wastewater main replacements/installations, concrete work, excavation & backfills, site work, testing, commissioning and restoration work.