About RTD Construction

Dannie Jordan, President, is one of the original founders of RTD Construction, along with his late father Rufus and older brother Tony Jordan, VP of Field Operations. As for the acronym “RTD”, the “R” is for late father Rufus, the “T” is for brother Tony and the “D” is for Dannie. 

Construction has always been in the Jordan family blood lines. As teenage boys, while father Rufus was working as a Superintendent for Harry Pepper & Associates Construction, Dannie and Tony eagerly worked alongside him learning the construction trades. Forget mere Legos!!! Dad had the boys spend their summer vacations on water treatment plant construction sites shadowing tradesmen. At a very young age, Dannie and Tony were mentored by Rufus. 

Then in 1998, the 3 family members - the father and two sons, decided to start their own water/waste water construction business from their kitchen table. After volunteering his time for many years to springboard the new business, father Rufus was finally able to draw his first RTD paycheck in 2001. He continued to help build the company until his unfortunate and untimely death in 2003.

Tony and Dannie hope to continue the Jordan family construction legacy with their sons and daughters who are currently learning the business. RTD Construction is truly an amazing family owned and operated business on the rise!

Under the Jordan’s leadership, RTD has grown from a small Florida subcontracting company to a large multi-state General and Heavy-Civil and Mechanical Contractor. In addition to the growth in sales volume and geographical areas served, RTD has grown in reputation to become known as one of the premier water/wastewater General Contractors in the Southeastern United States.