RTD wins First Place Award in the Public Works Category for the F. Wayne Hill WRC Nutrient Recovery Project

Gwinnett County leaders have long praised the F. Wayne Hill Water Treatment Plant in Buford for the clean water it produces every day. They gathered at plant with environmentalist Robert Kennedy Jr. on Wednesday to praise the facility for something else it will now begin putting out — fertilizer.

Pender Commerce Park Breaks Ground on WaterHub

A short distance from historic Wilmington, North Carolina are the rural, tidewater communities of New Hanover and Pender Counties. Along Highway 421 you’ll find an aged, municipal wastewater treatment plant that serves the rural communities here. Near the outskirts of the old wastewater plant, you’ll also find the beginnings of a brand new development: the Pender Commerce Park. Slated as an economic development project for the County, the new Commerce Park is not going to be your typical industrial park. This one is drawing in tenants with a new strategy: sustainable water management.

The strategy: replace the old municipal wastewater treatment plant with an innovative new satellite water reclamation system, and make it the centerpiece for the new industrial community. The new plant will serve the existing wastewater management needs of the community, as well as future wastewater produced by the industrial park. More importantly however, the new system – called the Pender WaterHub – will provide more affordable recycled water to future water-intensive tenants of the industrial park.

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AMERICAN helps launch new water infrastructure era at Kennedy Space Center

The launch site used for most NASA-led space exploration efforts since 1968, the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), will soon be home to more than 25 miles of AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company products.

AMERICAN has been involved in numerous projects at KSC over the years, but this particular project is part of an effort to update and add to the water infrastructure at the center. AMERICAN products are only being used in Phase 4, “Revitalize Kennedy Space Center Water and Wastewater Systems.” More than 100,000 feet of 4- to 18-inch Fastite cement-lined ductile iron pipe will be installed as new water lines in some areas, and in others, will replace 60-year-old asbestos-cement pipes.

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