City of Pinellas Park Lift Station No. 1 Rehabilitation Projet

Project Location: Pinellas, FL
Project Type: Public Utilities
Client: City of Pinellas Park
Total Contract: $500K+

RTD is the Prime Contractor on a Design Build Lift Station Rehabilitation Project for the City of Pinellas Park, Florida.  In order to rehab this facility for the City of Pinellas Park.  RTD will be installing a bypass pumping system in order to remove and replace the piping and valves in the Wet Well.  Replacing the existing four Submersible Pumps, with four brand new WILO Submersible Pumps, along with the base elbows, base plates, and guide rails at the Wet Well.  As well as the connective electrical work for the submersible pumps.  We are replacing pipes and valves at the Valve Vault, replacing the Force Main from the Valve Vault to the Flow Meter Vault.  Replace the pump out connection, as well as relocating that connection.  Repair concrete and install new coatings in the Wet Well, Valve Vault, and Flow Meter Vault. Then lastly, we will be replacing the Flow Meter and piping in Flow Meter Vault, and replace Force Main at the existing Flow Meter Vault.

RTD self-performs 70% of all the work including all formwork, concrete work, bypass systems, scaffolding and bracing installation, excavation & backfills, site work, yard piping, process equipment installation, pumps installation and all process piping.