Line Creek & White Oak Creek Pump Stations Raw Water Pump Station Improvements

Project Location: Newnan, GA
Project Type: Public Utilities
Client: Newnan Utilities
Total Contract: $3M+

Prime Contractor for the rehabilitation of (2) Raw water pump stations for Newnan Utilities. RTD contract work at the Line Creek pump station consists of complete demolition of existing pump station components including pumps, electrical gear, traveling screens, concrete slabs, floor tile and hand rails, construction of a new coanda screen installed on existing low head cast in place concrete dam in an active creek,  new coarse channel bar screen, installation of (3) new 800 HP vertical turbine pumps,  modify existing station structure to create new pipe gallery, installation of (3) new slide gates,  install new pump control valves and associated piping in new pipe gallery, new electrical building, new electrical switch gear, (3) new VFD’s for new pumps, installation of new handrails,  and all site work, paving and restoration.  RTD contract work at the Line Creek pump station consists of removal of existing sluice gates and replacement with new slide gates, remove and replace existing pump control valves, and upgrade to existing electrical system.  Work on the dam portion of the Project required dewatering of an active creek, rock sawing, rock excavation and removal to place the concrete base slab for the new screen.  

RTD self-performed 55% of all the work including all site grading, excavations, backfills, demolition, piping, formwork, concrete work, valve installation, pump installation, and coanda screen installation.