F. Wayne Hill Water Resource Center BRB Mixer and NRCY Pump Replacement

Project Location: Gwinnett County, Georgia
Project Type: Public Utilities
Client: Gwinnett County Water Resources
Total Contract: $7M+

RTD is the prime contractor on this project for Gwinnett County, Georgia. Construction on this project consists of the following: RTD will install ten (10) new nitrified recycle (NRCY) pumps in Biological Reactor Basins (BRBs) No. 1 through No. 10.  Then install forty (40) new top entry vertical mixers in BRBs No.1 through No. 10.  Remove the existing NRCY Pumps and submersible mixing equipment. Install new membrane diffuser grids in the BRB's No. 1-4.  Provision of related new electrical and instrumentation and control items including, but not limited to a new oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) monitoring system at Ten (10) locations.  Installation of new exposed conduit and wire, as well as the associated supporting equipment to re-power BRB's No.1 - 4.  Modification of existing NRCY pump discharge piping in BRBs No.1 - 4, then construction of NRCY pump isolation chambers and drain systems in BRBs No.1 - 4.  Upgrade of the existing NRCY pump removal system with a Jib Crane.  Miscellaneous concrete repairs, handrails, toe board, grating, and checker plate modifications.  We are also dewatering and cleaning BRBs No.1 - 10, and associated DCS control system revisions including revised control system configuration and graphics.

RTD plans to self-perform 70% of all the work including all process equipment demolition, basin cleaning, formwork, concrete work, miscellaneous metal installation, process equipment installation, and all process piping.