Howard F Curran AWTP Effluent Water Strainers Replacement

Project Location: Tampa, FL
Project Type: Public Utilities
Client: City of Tampa – Public Works Department – Contract Admin.
Total Contract: $354,330.00

Prime Contractor at the Howard F. Curren AWTP for City of Tampa Public Works, Florida. RTD contract work consisted of removal and replacement of two existing 30” Strainers at the Filter Building, including but not limited to associated accessory equipment, valve assemblies, electrical work and appurtenances. Project hi-lights include;

  • Removal and replacement of two (2) 30” Strainers and new Control Panel
  • Install new stainless steel piping and valves
  • Repair existing concrete and anchorage
  • Performed modifications of the existing MCC
  • Install new flowmeter assemblies

RTD self-performed 70% of all the work including all formwork, concrete work, process piping and valves installation.