F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center Nutrient Recovery Project

Project Location: Buford, GA
Project Type: Public Utilities
Client: Gwinnett County
Total Contract: $16M+

Prime Contractor to construct the Nutrient Recovery Facility to harvest phosphorus and nitrogen crystal from the solids handling liquid waste stream.  Project includes 78,000 SF of formwork, 6,000 CY yards of cast in place concrete structures, and 5,300 CY of rock excavation.  Highlights of Project include:

  • Construction of three 687,000 gallon concrete equalization tanks.
  • Construction of a new 11,500 SF Nutrient Recovery Building housing the two Ostara Pearl Reactors with associated pumps (6), control valves, conveying and bagging system, piping, chemical metering, product storage, bridge crane, HVAC, electrical and controls.
  • Construction of a new Chemical Storage Facility with two 20,000 fiberglass storage tanks.
  • Construction of a new Odor Control facility.
  • Installation of one new Compressed Air System.
  • Yard piping connecting the new facility to the existing plant facilities.
  • Removal and replacement of three solids handling conveyors at the dewatering facility.
  • Paving and site improvements.

RTD is self-performing 80% of all the work including all concrete work, excavation & backfills, yard piping, equipment and pipe installation, site work, testing, and commissioning.