Central County Water Reclamation Facility Expansion Phase 2

Project Location: Sarasota, FL
Project Type: Public Utilities
Client: Sarasota County BOCC
Total Contract: $11M+

Expansion and rehabilitation of existing 13MGD wastewater treatment facility. RTD worked as a General/Prime Contractor to Sarasota County. Total Final Contract Amount was $10,882,215.00. RTD’s contract work consisted of total construction of 2,000CY – 17,000 SFT of formwork for new cast-in-place reinforced concrete Anoxic Tank, Main Electrical Building, Blower Building, convert (2) existing oxidation ditches into activated sludge aeration tanks including 30” stainless steel air mains and diffused air systems. 

Project included total demolition and rehabilitation of the Main Raw Sewage Lift Station including 13MGD total bypass of Main Raw Sewage Lift Station and total replacement of four (4) Main Raw Sewage Lift Station 174HP pumps, piping, complete switchgear, motor control centers, PLC controls and electrical systems, 1,000KW emergency generator systems, all excavation, site work, process piping and equipment, yard piping and site restoration.

RTD self-performed 60% of the work including all concrete work, excavation & backfills, site work, yard piping, process equipment installation, pumps installation and all process piping.