Sweetwater Utilities Board WTP Improvements

Project Location: Sweetwater, TN
Project Type: Public Utilities
Client: Sweetwater Utilities Board
Total Contract: $2.6M

Prime on water treatment plant improvement project -  The project consists of a rehab of the existing 4 filter treatment facility which includes replacement of (3) new horizontal split case High Service Pumps and discharge piping, (2) new vertical turbine transfer pumps, discharge valves and piping, (3) new vertical turbine RAW Water Pumps, (1) new axial flow Backwash Pump, new variable frequency drives for all pumps, a new electrical building, replacement of piping and valves in the pipe gallery, new filter underdrains, replacement of filter media, installation of new air scour, replacement of existing horizontal paddle flocculators, and installation new tube settlers.  Project also includes install of a new plant instrumentation and control system.  This project requires all work to be completed while keeping the plant in service. 

RTD self-performed 80% of all the work including all demolition, formwork, concrete work, excavation & backfills, site work, yard piping, all pump installation, process equipment install, and all process piping and valve installation.