City of Thomasville, GA WWTF Renovation

Project Location: Thomasville, GA
Project Type: Public Utilities
Client: City of Thomasville
Total Contract: $9M+

Constructing new Tertiary Deep Bed Sand Filters and mechanical upgrades to the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Highlights of Project include:

  • Construct new Tertiary Deep Bed Sand Filters including a Reject Pump Station and Compressed Air System
  • Replace internal parts in one Grit Chamber
  • Replace Drives, Scum Skimmer Pipes and Weirs in Rectangular Clarifiers
  • Replace Plug Valves in Secondary Pump Station
  • Install new Rotary Distributor in Trickling Filter
  • Install new internals in Final Clarifier Units
  • Install new Alum Tanks and Chemical Metering Pumps
  • Replace Anaerobic Digester Covers and add Mixers
  • Provide Electrical and Mechanical Services, Conduit, Wiring, Equipment and Fixtures