City of Ocala, FL WRF no. 1 – Odor Control Improvements

Project Location: Ocala, FL
Project Type: Public Utilities
Client: City of Ocala Utilities & Construction
Total Contract: $2M+

Prime Contractor for odor control improvements to existing water reclamation facility. RTD contract work consists of installation of (2) aluminum flat cover systems for (2) existing 60’-0” diameter Primary Clarifiers, (3) complete geodesic dome covers for (3) existing 120”-0” diameter Trickling Filter Tanks, Aluminum flat covers to cover entire Headwork’s Facility, (3) complete Siemens Carbon Absorber Odor Control Systems up to 17,500CFM complete with Towers, Fans, chemical systems, pumps, controls, new electrical systems and 2,000LF of FRP/PVC odor control piping, valves and accessories.

RTD self-performed 60% of all the work including all concrete work, excavation & backfills, site work, installation of Odor Control Equipment systems complete, all odor control piping, start up, testing, commissioning and restorationwork.