Athens, TN Water Treatment Plant & System Improvements – Phase II

Project Location: Athens, TN
Project Type: Public Utilities
Client: Athens Utilities Board
Total Contract: $2M+

RTD is Prime Contractor on the $2,261,025.00 water treatment plant improvement project. The project includes rehabbing the (4) existing filters by replacing the media, underdrains, and surface wash with new sand/anthracite media, new Phoenix underdrains, new FRP washwater troughs, and a new air scour system complete with blower and 6-inch stainless steel piping.  A new metal building will be constructed covering all (4) filters once complete.  The project also consists of constructing a new masonry post-chemical and electrical building containing new power and control panels, chemical day tanks, metering pumps, and PVC piping.  New 12 and 14-inch magnetic flow meters are to be installed in the existing Finished Water and Raw Water meter vaults along with subsequent ductile iron bypass piping and valves.  Also included is the replacement of (2) vertical turbine High Service Pumps and subsequent 12 inch flanged ductile iron discharge piping.  These pumps will run on 2 brand new VFDs that are to replace each existing MCC.  The existing power feed to the plant will be replaced by a new service pole and overhead drop, new padmount main transformer, new exterior main breaker, and a new main distribution panel.  The plant’s Instrumentation & Controls system along with SCADA is being upgraded as well to accommodate seamless automated operation of all new and existing systems.  Also included in this project is site work remediation of the plant’s Raw Water pumping site.  The existing earthen dams separating the intakes contained in natural springs from the Oostanaula Creek are to be rebuilt and stabilized so as to prevent further erosion and leakage through the dams.  This project requires all work to be completed while keeping the plant in service.

RTD is self-performing 60% of all work including all demolition, formwork, concrete work, excavation & backfills, site work, yard piping, all pump installation, process equipment installs, and all process piping and valve installation.  All spring site stream bank work was subcontracted.